you get there because you want to

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode 10

You Get There Because You Want To


this occurred to me today on a walk

<oh, i love the walking insights>

i can ‘get there’ because i want to.

it has nothing to do with how much

or how little i work

where i came from

what my past ‘conditioning’ was

what my current situation is


on and on forever.


i tend to perhaps blame this or that

for where i am.

‘oh, if i would have only learned that as a child.’

‘if i just changed that.’

‘if only that was different.’


today i felt


the reason ANYONE does anything

or gets anywhere

is because they freaking want to.

all habits can be changed

all obstacles can be moved <or jumped over>

all patterns can be broken

all past can be erased

all wounds can heal.


this leaves me with>

no excuses.

if i’m not ‘there’ yet

it’s because i haven’t wanted it badly enough.


i know

it’s soooo not spiritual to want things <ha!>


you surely don’t want to want from a place of lack or neediness.

bla bla bla.

i’m talking about the desire

that is unwavering




you don’t fucking stop till you get there.


you get there because you want to


the only real obstacle is yourself.


man, it feels good to feel the words flowing again.

fuck that video shit

i’m not there yet.

or maybe

i don’t want it badly enough.



many things have changed.

i am new

you are new

this place is new all around us.


what do you want?

are you willing to go for it?

are you willing to step out of your way to get there?

hurry back to yourself, hunny


get nice and comfy in that body you came in to.

fill in AND out


set your gaze to the land ahead

where you’d like to see yourself.


you are already there



the weather is fine.



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  1. Loved this rumination. Let’s meet for tea or a walk when you have a minute…. Would love to get you in front of our yoga students at Inversion for a workshop or meditation or whatever;)

    Love light gratitude,
    ELLY Garrett 413-1181

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