Daily Nugget #216

you again


that familiar place

that i thought i was ‘done with’

coming back around for another look.

looky looky.

see me now?

i thought we were thru.

i thought that i ‘fixed’ you

healed you

i thought i did the work

to get to the other side.


but still you remain.

you are a survivor.

you are like the cockroach

surviving everything AND the ice age.

fire. flood. meteors.



the cockroach.

surviving deep within me.

emerging at uncomfortable moments


out of freaking nowhere.


my thing. my issue.

my cockroach made of steel.


if you are a survivin’ cockroach

made of indestructible something something


if i can accept

that your essence

lives inside of me


i guess that makes me

pretty bad ass.


maybe instead of cursing your arrival

i could celebrate it.

if YOU are really a part of ME

they why fight?


and in that moment of

‘why fight’

acceptance settled in.


all along you wanted to work as a team.

to be loved. acknowledged. seen.

to complete your ‘mission’.


i guess i’m ok with that.

changing my attitude

my perspective

i will work on.


you won’t take me this time.

we will walk together.

maybe even dance?

who'da thought?

who’da thought?