wandering thru the desert…..

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #52

wandering thru the desert


what if


was really a desert


as we walked along

each experience

was created by heat

and light

and perhaps our desire.


what if we were actually dropped

IN to a blank screen


our world around us

was our own creation.


if we can think it

it is possible.

truth, yes.


and as we wander

in the desert


we decided a camel would be nice.


and so we were riding one….



with our weary legs resting

we noticed the dryness in our throat

looking down to find a glass of water in our hand.


everything that IS

was first a thought.


as we trek across the barren land

we seek shelter from the heat and the wind.

we look up to be surrounded by trees

sheltering our ride

offering relief. offering shade.



from the emptiness in our hearts

community is born


we find ourselves surrounded by others.


one moment we are a solo traveler

on foot

the next

we are surrounded by life, in all of its forms.


have you ever worked so hard TOWARD something


one day

find yourself there

almost confused??

after putting SO much effort in the towards-ing

actually getting there

can be quite a surprise.

now what?!


the universe LOVES clarity.

without clarity

the painter has no paints.



clarity comes

as a result of pain




rinse the brush.

start again.

paint the picture


how you want to.


what IF

life really WAS the desert?!


the only reason

anything exists

is because of thought.


think about the sheer magnitude of thoughts

that go thru you head

every day.

what if they could be replaced

with pure. clear. thought.

thought that has not been poisoned by doubt. fear.

thought that lifts us


to the place we truly belong.


clarity is born from experience.

when we understand

what we do NOT want

we can understand

what we DO.

and then we find ourselves riding a camel….


when walking alone in the desert

consider this.

the vastness of it all is not in LACK

it is a ripe canvas

ready for creating.


if your life feels empty. lonely. hopeless.


you have not yet realized

the camel under you.


ANY experience

can be

Clean Slated.

know what you don’t want

to know what you want.


build your beautiful life around you.

🙂 !








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