why am i here?

Daily Nugget #123

why am i here?

i am not like the others.

i am not like the others.







ever ask that question?

do you wonder what to ‘do’ with your life

what your calling is?


this is a big question.

quite possibly THE question.


why do so many of us ponder it?

why do so many of us not know the answer?

why do so many of us feel a void

because we don’t yet know why we are here?


i will attempt to answer some of these questions


at least provide a new and different perspective.


why are we here?

we are beings of light.

that is our essence.


we forget that we come from the light


will return to it

but in the meantime

we express our piece of it thru our physicalness

thru our experiences

during our time here on earth.


why are we here?

we are here to shine our light.


if you’ve ever been in to a lighting store

you have noticed that there are about a ga-zillion

different kinds of lights.

chandeliers. lamps. spotlights. lava lamps (ha!).

reading lights. headlamps.

not to mention the types of bulbs you can get

in various sizes and colors.


if an alien species would drop on to our planet

they would probably notice the variety

of lights that are shining from within us.


the light itself is similar.

yet its expression is as unique as a snowflake.


this is why we are here, people.

we are here to:

1. understand that we do in fact have a light.

2. learn how to shine it.

3. then shine it thru the lens that is your current body, energy, unique expression.

make sense?


but how??? you ask.

how do i find it? how do i shine it?



the method.


everyone’s method is going to vary slightly

depending on your life experiences and beliefs.


from my perspective it takes:

1. a desire to want to find it! (all who seek, find)

2. willingness to be honest with yourself. this is about leaning in & being ok with what you find.

3. willingness to change, spend time OUT of your comfort zone & touch the life you seek.


most of us would like at least some part of our life to be different.


even if you are totally blissed out in your experience

there is always another level.


here is my suggestion.

find your inner sanctuary.

this is a place within that we ALL have.

it is somewhere that we alone can access.

it is safe. it feels amazing. you can access it thru your physical body.

this is a place that feels like the place you get to when you meditate


experience something really amazing.

locating and creating this place within (you create what i looks like. smells like. sounds like.)

is a direct line to the place that many travel a longer road to get to.


once you locate where is it and what it looks like

you can really start to connect with your light.


you can ask important questions like:

‘what does it feel like to shine my light?’

a question, when asked in this format, will be answered with the feeling.

rather than asking

‘why don’t i know why i’m here?’

this question will just give you more of not knowing why you are here.

make sense?


finding your light


then shining it is a process.

it’s a relationship. it’s a dance.

most of us don’t get married on the first date, right?

we get to know each other first.


getting to know yourself

on the deepest level

is the ticket to truly understanding why you are here.

when you commit to you

commit to finding your light

with the willingness to explore

you are on your way to a deeper experience.

you are on your way to expressing and shining your unique version of the light we all have.


THIS is why you are here.

i hope this content has served you well.

if you’d like to explore further,

email me: dee@dragonladyteas.com

or check out:



it is my mission to support you in finding and shining your light.

much love and admiration

dee elle


yes it is!!

yes it is!!









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