who decides the should’s?

Daily Nugget #218

who decides the should’s



who or what the hell is the invisible force of judgment

that makes us feel that we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t?

it puts a lot of pressure on us.

pressure that makes no sense.


i mean

why would anyone be standing there

wagging their finger at us

if we choose to cruise Facebook


binge watch netflix

instead of meditating?


we feel the invisible should-force keeping us standing

when we’d really like to

sit the hell down


lay down and doze off


be perfectly ok with it.


if it’s sunny, i should be outside.

i really should be doing yoga.

i shouldn’t eat that.

what was that book i was ‘supposed’ to read?


why do we think we are broken


less than <

because we are not doing this or that.

vegan. paleo. raw.

eliminating toxic everythings.

fuck if i forget my grocery bag.

i’m definitely going to hell now.


in reality

the shoulds are one of THE most toxic ingredients

in our mental/emotional world!

feeding the endless cycle of:

i am not good enough.



us humans.

we sure have a strange way of doing things.

bass ackwards.


well, what the hell is a should-er like me to do?

what if

every time

the should monster crept in

i shifted to:

wait a minute. get out of my head.

i AM enough. i am doing enough.

if i really want to do <or not do> this or that

it is my choice!



take it from a should-er in recovery

the poisonous belief that we are NOT enough

just isn’t true.

most Americans are over achieving

non-sit-downers anyways


that still feels like not enough.


what we really don’t have enough of is:

love for ourselves.

acceptance for what is.

acceptance of our limits!


acceptance of our Truth.


i made a pact with myself a few years ago

to LAY OFF the harsh self judgment


trust that in any given moment

i did the best that i could


some things i don’t want in my life

because they aren’t right for me.


i set goals most days

and if i don’t get my to-do list done

oh well!
there’s tomorrow and the next day.

i make sure to nourish myself with:

sleep. exercise. and yummy foods <even if they aren’t paleo. ha!>

play time & as much giggling as possible.


it all comes back to the self.

paying attention to what feels right and what doesn’t.
we are individuals. there is no formula that works for everyone.

always check in to how you are really feeling.

always be willing to stand up for what that is


be willing to say ‘FUCK OFF’

to the energy sucking

life force draining



you are NOT alone.

i love you.

i believe in you.

i honor who you really are


celebrate it!


make the pact.

you are the most important relationship in your life.


hugs and fist bumps for this wild ride we are ALL on.


PS. This will be the LAST Daily Nugget as we know it. I am shifting once again and am soooo excited about what’s happening. If you want to stay in the loop, subscribe! Then the goodness will land in your inbox. I will not be posting my goods on Facebook anymore either. Bam! There you have it. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support. I am taking a few weeks off and then back with a new and special flavor. You will likey 😀


The Original Nugget!

The Original Nugget!




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