who are you now?

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #44

who are you now?


who are you now

take a moment to look.

are you who you thought you’d be

in your YOU rule book?

do you have a rule book


if so

will you change it?


change the rules

break the rules

cut thru all the bullshit?


are you willing to look?

to be honest

be truthful

be willing to UNhook

from the perspective you find yourself

most times

but not all

when you stand not short

not small but TALL

not in inches or feet

presence isn’t measurable

not with rulers


with judgers

it’s felt with the heart


for some with the gut

you can feel something

you know it

not possible to short cut.


who are you now?


do you know you at all?

are you even recognizable

to the fly on the wall.


what’s the fly doing there?

what’s he looking at

what does he see


maybe he’s a she

or an it or a we.


can we all just stop faking it

stop pretending to be real

when the realness

is dying

to make a new deal

with the you that occupies us

the you that’s more true

make a deal

love for real

be for real

who knew?

you did


you DO


forever you will

be the pilot


the action taker

for the realness




who are you now?

will you look back and smile?

are you happy with all of it?

all of your YOU files?


are you willing to dump some

in the trash

push delete


upload some cool features

no more

yourself cheat

cheat on your youness

the real you

the version up high

high in elevation of spirit

connected to sky

to sky and to earth


all in between

brought thru your YOU filter

down to this earth game

adding your unique flavor

to make earth taste so yummy

adding more colors

to the palate

oh, hunny!


BE who you are


know who that is now

fill in your shoes

be amazing

BE you



stand tall in presence




you are amazing.

love you

love you!

what are you willing to open to?



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