where the hell have i been?!

Daily Nugget #72

where the HELL have i been??!!!


on my walk yesterday

i had the sensation of slipping into my body.

i looked around



Where The HELL Have i Been?!!

i don’t remember getting there


what has happened up until that point.


did i get abducted by you know whats?


cause my physical body


has still been here

doing my thing

living my life.


a part of me has been somewhere else.

a BIG part of me.


where the hell have i been?!



i tend to chalk it up to time travel.

part of me,

my consciousness,

was out exploring


visiting somewhere else.


is this yet another ‘symptom’

of evolution?


i know i talk about this time travel thing muchly.


cause it’s happening!

not in the


kind of way.

in an

exploring all places in my timeline kind of way.

the timeline that exists vertically (not linearly).


but that’s a whole other Nugget in itself!!



where the hell HAVE i been?!

that is an answer that i intend to explore

(now that i’m back).

i will report back.

until then……

ha! a cup of tea helps.....

ha! a cup of tea helps…..


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