where does it come from?

Daily Nugget #114

where does it come from?



i just had a flash back

to when i was ohhhh

maybe 2nd or 3rd grade


my mom got me the book: Where Do I Come From?

to teach me about ‘the birds and the bees’.



at least i know that i fur shur

was delivered by a stork.


you were too, probably.

i'm pretty sure that's me.

i’m pretty sure that’s me.


but the question now is

where does IT come from?


oh the IT can be so many things.

the it i’m referring to is the IT within.

the IT

that we can’t quite understand.

it doesn’t really make sense.

why do we feel this way?


the IT.


what’s YOUR it?

do you feel a certain way about:

yourself. your body. your family. your partner. your biz. the planet. food. black people. republicans.

guns. shoes. cakes. bees. boogers. having kids. little dogs. The Grateful Dead. clowns. spiders. sandals with socks???


(tee hee)

a certain region of the world. a certain time period. certain people from the past?


feel that these feelings make no sense??


this might very well be a post about nonsense.

or maybe not?


i have some weird feelings about certain things that make no sense to me.

in this body

i have not experienced things that would cause me to feel this way.


is it hereditary?

yes and yes.


yes it can come from our people

<<<that may require another Nugget>>>


it can come from us.

from our personal timeline that dates back before this life (and into the next..)


getting too weird for ya?

you can stop here then, cause it’s about to get better.

wouldn’t want to make you feel all weird and stuff.

wouldn’t wanna push your OUT of  your Zone De Comfert



we have a memory within us

where our ENTIRE history is stored.

we have a memory within us

that came with us from our last life


often goes with us to the next.


people are experiencing all sorts of weird right now.

let’s call it: many Flavors of Weird.

some days we have one scoop.

some days we have four.

it looks so pretty before it gets messy :D

oh it looks so pretty before it gets messy 😀


as the top flavor starts to melt down in to the others

it can get a bit messy




all the flavors start to bleed together

and now we are One Hot Mess.

TOTALLY confused and completely overwhelmed.


maybe that hasn’t happen to you……yet.

when it does

remember the Flavor visual.

it will help you deal better.


i have not answered much

of the question: Where Does IT come from

cause who the hell knows, really.

it can be one place or many or all!

the point is

we ALL on MOST days are holding a dripping 4 flavor cone of chaos.

it’s ALL coming to a head.

we are in the final stretch of a mega marathon


we are on the verge of winning!!


it is very very very important

in the next few weeks (did i mention VERY)

to take good care of you.

in thoughts. words. nourishment of all kinds.

forgiveness. love. gratitude. FUN! and laughter will be and are very key.


and Allow. that’s a big one too.

allow allow allow your brains out.

be open. let the flavors drip.

ask for guidance. know who your peeps are.


and look out.

here you come!!

i’m SO fired up be a part of this.

yea. it’s kinda sucky sometimes


sometimes often


but these kind of quadruple scoop days

are urging us

pushing us

in to the arms of our community.

let’s start acting like one.


hug your neighbor. hug yourself.

be not alone.

there are friendly faces everywhere.


oops. no, wait. yay!!

oops. no, wait. yay!!




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