where do i start?

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #54

where do i start?


where do i start when there is so much to DO

so much to say

so much time has gone by….

where do i start?

so many projects to finish

to start

to let go of.


where do i start

to feng shui my life

my inners

my outers

my everything on the list.


where do i start?

paralyzed by the enormity of it all

overwhelmed by the necessities

that the ‘other things’

keep dropping lower & lower on my growing list.


take a deep breath.

and another


one more.

keep going.

when was the last time you breathed?

holy crap

have i been holding my breath this whole time??!!


no wonder.



breathing. check.

where’s my list.

omg. now i’m overwhelmed and not breathing again.

back to the breath.


we are soooooo overworked


over planned

over over over.


when was the last time you just lounged on the couch?

when we slow long enough

we actually start to catch up with ourselves


we have the opportunity to start healing our wounds

rather than always filling the holes.


what is important to you?

really important.

look around at your life.

are you happy?

really happy?


do you love what you do with your time?

do you love you who spend your time with?

how many things are checked off of your bucket list?

are you living your dream life?

do you even know what your dream life is?

what do you want for yourself? for you family?


at your current trajectory

will you get there?


another breath




take a moment

right here and now

to check in to YOU.

sink in to YOU.

allow everyTHING to just fade in to the background.

quiet the noise of ‘shoulds’


check in to you.


what do you hear?

what do you feel?

allow yourself to listen.

allow yourself to listen.



audio version 🙂





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