where did my hair tie go?

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #55

Where Did My Hair Tie Go?!

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if you don’t or never have had

long hair

you will not know what the HELL i’m talking about.


where o where did my hair tie go?



so i buy a pack of 40

all the colors of the bow


one by one

they slowly disappear.

gone. vanished.




then the strangest phenomenon happens:

i get to the very last one

and IT lasts for freaking ever.

till the point that it is stretched out beyond belief




i don’t often lose stuff.

so i’m perplexed.


why on EARTH am i writing about missing hair ties?

who the F cares?


maybe we can learn something from this teeny object

that seems to slip in to another dimension

so frequently.

now my cat is practically sitting on my computer.

we’ll see how this goes.


maybe we just need some humor

for fucks sake.

with all of the darkness

the intensity. insanity!

this trial and that collusion

no wonder the dang hair ties try to keep it light for us!!


have you ever held a purring cat on your lap on a cold day?

& they start kneading your belly and their nails get all caught and snag your fav sweater?

and then they sneeze & snot goes flying everywhere?

& then you stand up

only to be FULLY covered in fur

that’s slightly impossible to remove completely.



in that moment

<and in every other moment for that matter>

can CHOOSE how to react.


we can choose to believe that our day has had a hell of a start



snotty furball


purring love bug.



if you have cats

you prob don’t throw them across the room….

but bump out your vision a bit

to include anything or everything that may happen in the course of your day.


EVERY thing can be turned in multiple directions.

which way will YOU choose?!

my advice?

go for the humor…..

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  1. Hi Dee,

    Loving dropping into your lovely writings again xx thank you.

    Thinking of you bc I’m hosting bill turner, an energy worker, this week & he is leading chi gong seminar this Saturday at the Old Wilson School House. Wondering if you would be interested. . . ? It’s 9 to 5 $295. . . I’ve been working with him a bit and have been amazed by the shifts and the crazy serendipity in my life xx In the seminar he teaches people how to raise their chi, heal with meditations & movements xx If this sounds good to you or someone you know, let me know xx

    Hope you are well. Lots of love, Lisa

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