when things change


poetry month


if you’re just getting here

and wondering why the F you’re getting soooooo

many emails all of a sudden . . .

i committed to writing a poem/day for the month of April:

national poetry month.

i have realized (in the process) how powerful it can be to commit

to something (something that i love) and practice it (even tho i love it-

daily is a lot. but not so much that i lose my freaking mind. it’s only a month. tho so many readers have jumped ship in the process. oops.)

in the process of having a focused- enjoyable commitment- i have also noticed

that the swirlings around me can swirl without interruption and move and transmute

and do what they do best. and they do their best without my interference. haha.

so i’m getting the double/triple bonus of committing to something cool + allowing all kinds

of shit to work itself out + having a focal point while so many others things change.


ok. on to today’s poem. the month is almost over. you gonna miss me?!


When Things Change

by dee elle flamelΒ 

(my poet name)


sometimes things change

and you’re like- PSHEW!


and other times

you’re like- wtf


there are tornado changes

tsunami changes

all of a sudden you’re living in the upside down world- changes

omg get me outta here changes

yay! i made it IN here changes


sometimes the ground drops away

and sometimes a freaking mountain appears to hold you



oh, change

you are the only thing i can truly rely on

if i don’t turn to you when i’m feeling it

you turn to me instead


sometimes change is forced



sometimes it’s shocking




change has so many faces

and no matter what face it wears

it -truly- is there to support you


for some reason


your life is on your side










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