when it comes back around~ part 2


POEtree MONthe


when it comes back around

again and again

and perhaps

again some more


you can wtf all you want

but that doesn’t change where you are



tho the again is new this time


and tho we think the again

will be a carbon copy of

the before


the again can surprise us

or rather

we can surprise ourselves

when we CHOOSE

to respond differently


look at The Again

square in the eyes

(if it has any)

and decide

whether or NOT you’d like

the again

to be the same again



if you choose NOT

then your NEW response

to The Again

may actually stop

the again cycle


are you ready to never meet or see The Again


when you leave The Again where it IS


not take yourself with it

The Again morphs in to a something

that may be MUCH more fun/pleasurable

than The Again


and you wonder

wtf did i keep Again-ing for so long?






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