how much battery power do you have?

Daily Nugget #196

how much batter power do you have?


many of us are recovering

from ‘the season’


we forget that we also

need to recover from the past year.


we have shifted IN to a new number.

things really do change


can change even more

if we intend it so.


how much battery power do you have?

my phone needs charged every day.

some phones need charged multiple times/day.

my computer?

eh. maybe every 2 or 3 days, depending on usage.


the charge is absolutely necessary

for our tech to keep working.

how many of us actually look at our bodies


in the same way?


there is so much to recover from all of the time.

recover from our day.

a conversation.

that burrito that didn’t settle well.

the shift to the cold


to the DEEPER cold

of the winter.


we are constantly cycling thru cycles within cycles within cycles

expecting ourselves to be

The Same All Of The Time.


when was the last time you recharged?

that may require an UNplugging

rather than a Plug IN.

tho in our Unplug

we have the opportunity to plug IN to ourselves.


we need rest.

deep rest at times

in order to be fully charged and functioning.

what does that look like to you?



i like to lay in bed

when i don’t have to get up.

i like a hot bath with some salts and oils

as i read my newest book of choice.

i like not having to BE anywhere or DO anything

sipping tea for hours in the morning.

to name a few…..


i am good at recharging……now.

i spent many years burning myself out

not knowing how to slow down

or rest

or care for myself deeply.

my power was on 1% for a long time.


how much battery power do YOU have?

are you rested? renewed?

functioning @ 100%?


if not

do you know how to REcharge?

do you allow yourself to?


good things to ponder


lean IN to as we gain momentum in this new number.

right now

i feel i am resting and recovering from all that i left in 2015.

i feel like the trapeze artist.

i have just released the last one


i am flying thru the air

before i grab the next…..


do for yourself something awesome.

tune in.


how do you really feel?

when you allow yourself to sink in to you

does your battery power feel full?

if not

what are you willing to do about it?


take good care.

you are all you’ve got.

inspiration + action = wow, i feel better!


are you fully charged?

are you fully charged?



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