what’s next?

Daily Nugget #155

what’s next?


sometimes i wonder…..


i am swift to make changes

follow my heart

my gut

my instincts


i wonder

what’s next?


what’s in store for me?

what do i want to create?




i fully slipped out the door of my former life


closed it behind me.

i took a deep breath

gave heaps of gratitude

for the time

the experience

the chapter.


i closed the door.


i read today

that ‘a human life is but a blink’

in the life of a soul.

our world

our universe

all that is

is much bigger

than we can even possibly imagine.

<the word big doesn’t even come close to doing it justice>


if our life is but a blink


all that is

is beyond our limits of thought


why does it matter if we don’t pay something ‘on time’


someone cuts us off in traffic


we lose our job

our home

our money.


why does it matter that we have a poopy day

that so and so was a douche bag

that we have to get this done or that done.


if our life is but a blink


all that is

is vast beyond our comprehension

why the HELL do we stress about anything?


everything will work out


all the things that we fear like:

success. failure. freedom. love. ourselves. death. loneliness. judgment.

can all fuck off.

in a blink

there is simply NO time to worry about that shit.

let’s just get on with living




enjoying the HELL out of the blink that we are here.

and while we are at it

let’s just go ahead and BE who we really are


in this ‘blink’

it will be a lot cooler

if everyone was as awesome as they could be.


take a step back from your perspective.

know that whatever it is

will pass


it’s not as BIG as it seems

when you compare it to the freaking universe!!

omg. we are a speck.


in saying all of this

i am NOT implying that we are not important to the whole.

indeed we are a huge part of the magic


we contribute to the awesomeness of the whole

when we ourselves are whole.


to be whole

is to be who we truly are

in every moment.

living in the Now.

BEing in the Now.


what’s next?

approach your life with the ‘what’s next?!!’ mentality

excited and poised for action & authenticity.


on your mark....

on your mark….





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