what the hell.

Daily Nugget #136

what the hell.



i’m sitting at my computer

getting ready to write whatever it is i am going to write today


all i can think is:

‘what the hell’.


is anyone else feeling this?

the fabric of my life feels very strange today



i feel like an alien.

i’m totally confused.

it’s like i’m having issues interacting with the world

because i can’t understand its language anymore.


have i changed that much?


has the world?


i am going along in my normal happy place

and BAM!

shit is just flying at me left and right.

stuff isn’t working right.

time feels slippery.

really slippery.

it’s been a challenge to connect with people

because the waves communication are ripple-y.


my calendar slips to the next day


the next week!

what i thought was happening tomorrow

happened yesterday.


am i going faster?

or slower?


maybe i’m slipping OUT of time all together.

moving IN to a more 5th dimensional experience.

i’ve heard it can be very disorienting.

i feel like a snail

cruising right along side

of a race track.

hey, that's me! the one on the right!

hey, that’s me! the one on the right!



or maybe

it’s because i have realized and recognized

a barrier between myself and my life


have taken action to expand beyond it


open the doors within it that i didn’t realize existed until now.


maybe life feels like this all the time

and i have had a dense filter.

with it adjusted


my awareness of it adjusted

life is coming on full strength


full speed.



is anyone else confused?


ready for a new way of being?

ready to release the OLD ways of form and dis-function


embrace a new paradigm?


me! i’m ready!

SO much i’d like to say goodbye to.

i think it’s already leaving.



i’m going SO fast that life is just whipping by?

oh, the possibilities are freaking endless


i’m not sure that there is an answer.

how can you truly navigate

somewhere you’ve never been?

without Siri.

with a GPS.


you use your insides.

you feel it out.

we are becoming more feeling creatures

whether we like it or not.

watch out, tho.

that first step is a doozy! ha!


be careful of the things designed to numb our awakening:

fear. screens. chemicals. processed foods.


our bodies thrive on love and trust. time in nature. food water and air that is clean and in its natural state. happy thoughts and playfulness.

pay attention to how you truly feel. in your mind. in your emotions and in your body.

offer yourself deep nourishment. unconditional love and a healthy dose of giggles & deep breaths.


whether you are the snail or the race horse

choose to feel each moment


respond with kindness

to: yourself. others. AND our awesome Mother Earth.


have a fabulous forever.




fast can be fun. especially with your buddies.

fast can be fun. especially with your buddies.


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