what the cold does

Daily Nugget #181

what the cold does


the temps are shifting

as are we.

sometimes this causes a


to the Nth degree.


i’m not sure why the current ‘shift’

is causing such a rift within me.

splitting myself in two

or maybe

quarters. eighths. sixteenths?!



i noticed on my walk the other day

that the cold made me contract deeply


in this contraction

i bumped in to a piece of myself.


i forgot you were there…

who are you anyway?



the part of me that is summoned by the cold

the contraction

the dark days.


the dark days…….


november has always been my most challenging month.

i used to have a poop-a-thon all thru the ‘holidays’.


what the cold does.


things get hard and crunchy.

our breath forms in the air

my dog needs a jacket.

<that’s a whole other Nugget>


has the shift in light and/or temperature

<unless you are in the S hemisphere>

dropped you in to those places

that can only be touched

by deep contraction?


hey, wait a minute.

didn’t i just recently Nugget about

expanding IN to the contraction?




as i contract in to my depths

i commit to expanding inward.

inward is infinite.

amazing if you think about it.


when i get to those hard-to-reach places

i will expand IN to them


IN to myself


create my own light

expand my own light

so the lack of sun

will not phase me


the poop-a-thon

will stay contained in my toilet. ha!


what the cold does.

it reminds us of the lost places

and icky things

that can make us all squirrelly

if we stand next to them.


if we expanded our light


offered it inward

the lost will be found

the dark will be light

the poop will be flowers


that piece of myself

that the cold called forth

will step up to the line

to be embraced. celebrated.


i may even keep ‘it’ around

for good times.

good times….

allow the show of your breath to be the steam from your light.

allow the show of your breath to be the steam from your light.




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