what IS Trust?


my Trust in ME was questioned.


i seem to have this ABSOLUTE trust in myself.

that doesn’t mean that some things aren’t still challenging-

that i don’t find myself in situations that are edgy.

I Just Trust My Inner Guidance.

As Long As I’m Listening 🙂



i don’t listen.

tho those moments are rare-ER


getting more so.

(Thank Gness)


when i don’t listen

to that deep voice

my gut

my senses

my body contracts IN to a pretzel.

i used to live that way.


when i DO listen

even if the path ahead has some potholes


drop offs . . .

i STILL feel the openness of my body and BEing

to BE where i am


navigate my choices.


T R U S T.


i didn’t realize how much i actually had

until it was questioned.

i mean

all we ALL really have is our own self.

in my eyes

there is no other option.

I/we HAVE To Trust.


so what IS Trust?


trust feels differently in all of us.

it’s when you can move forward

in a way that feels open. aligned.

Even If It’s Hard.


Trust is a FEELING.


it’s a connection To & With YOself.

it operates OUTside of obligation.

OUTside of fear.

OUTside of doubt.


sounds pretty amazeballz, right?!!


prob Not At All Possible in some moments.


T R U S T.


it takes time.

it takes trust TO trust. haha.


awareness of when you’re NOT trusting.


Trust is a Practice.

Are you willing to commit to it?







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