what is love?

Daily Nugget #165

what is love?


do any of us really know?


we all think we do.

we can all come up with our own interpretation.

but what if we are wrong?


or rather

what if we are barely touching the surface

the tip

of what it really IS and can BE?


what is Love?


when was the first time you felt it?


what you thought was ‘it’?

was it for your family?

a first girlfriend or boyfriend?

an animal?



what happens in your body

when you feel what you believe to be Love?

where do you feel it?


do you feel when there is an absence of it?


oh, questions.

there is always a deeper level

a different story.


Love has many different interpretations and expressions.


you might think you know what love is

then you have a baby.

your heart gets blown open.


how could there be ‘enough love’ for another child?


but there always is.

there is an infinite supply.


what IS love?


is it a thing?

is it a feeling?

is it a physical sensation?

what does it mean to you?


do you feel like you have it?

give it?

receive it?

deserve it?


ah. the questions.

ask them.

ask yourself.

ask others.


some people show love one way


it is not received as love on the other end.

it would be helpful to ask:

‘hey. what ‘looks like’ love to you?’


‘what makes you feel loved?’



the most written and sung about ‘thing’.

what is it to you?


do you love yourself?


do you even know what self-love feels like?

is it different?

can you?

will you?


what if the true depth of what Love is

could only be felt

when directed to the self?


are you willing to go there?



after all

YOU are all you’ve got.

YOU will always be there for you.

YOU would never lead you astray.

you can lie to and betray YOU


YOU would never lie to or betray you.

YOU wants you to live the life of your dreams.

YOU supports you completely.

that feels good.

that’s true, unconditional love.


can you?

are you willing?

do you?


give it a shot.

feel around.


what is Love?

let’s explore.

infinity is bigger when you point your focus within.






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