what is it really about?

Daily Nugget #206

what is it really about?


there’s always something deeper

another layer

another reason

behind everything.


what is it really about?


it’s not about that person that cut you off in traffic.

it’s not about your co-worker


your brother in law


that woman at the post office.


what is it really about?


it’s always about us.

yours truly.

the one you see in the mirror.

us. our stuff. our issues.



what is it really about?


it’s about how you felt when you were 17


you couldn’t express your true feelings.

ouch. that one stuck around for a while.


it’s about having to fall asleep alone in your crib

with only a stuffed animal to soothe you.

yea. that taught you something about trust


finding comfort in material objects.


what’s it really about?

all of our issues.

that get triggered

by people and situations

get the finger pointed at them.

when really

it’s us.

our stuff. our issues.

those people/situations

are just good at drawing them out of us.

oh, they are so good at it.

so good that it feels like it’s NOT our own.

so good that it couldn’t possibly be coming from us.

so good that, geesh, wtf is wrong with THEM?


what’s it really about?


every rise that we feel within

every feeling that gets stirred

all of those things that linger in our thoughts

that we can’t shake.

there’s always a deeper layer

another level

a starting point somewhere in our history

that set in motion


set in stone

our reaction

to the thing that triggers us…..

The Thing(s) That Triggers Us.


what is YOUR trigger?

what causes a rise within YOU?

who. when. what does it?


what is it really about?

it can always be tracked deeper

further back

to the time of trigger origin.


can you track it?

are you willing?

do you WANT to feel this way or that?

are you hooked on the pain?

the drama?

the rise of emotions?


are you willing to Free yourself?

yes, Freedom.

that powerful feeling

that can be wielded with confidence and ease.


that thing that Allows the tether to our ‘issues’ to be cut.


that thing that Allows us to be who we Truly Are. Fully.


that thing that we ALL can access

no matter what our outer life looks like.

Freedom lives within.


what is it really about?

it’s about all of the places we are NOT free.

those places are many


they don’t have to be.


un-tether yourself from your past

un-tether yourself from your fears

dip IN to the cause


change your own history.


everything is possible.

now that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

how does it feel to be Un-Tethered?

how does it feel to be Un-Tethered?








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