What IF~

Day IX

poetry month šŸ™‚


(if you’re wondering why in the hell you’re getting SO many

things in your inbox this month…

i committed to writing a poem/day for national poetry month.

with so many doing cleanses/fasts this time of year, i decided

it was more about committing to SOMEthing, not necessarily what the thing IS.

hence- my daily log of poems. written fresh, daily. along w a collage i created too!

i hope you enjoy. xo)


what IF

we lived in a world of total open hearted-ness

what IF

all BEings were cared for. loved.

what if

the waters ran free

and animals could roam


everyone had gardens.


what IF

we shared things

more things than ever.

what if nobody went withOUT

whatever the OUT might be.


what if

dancing. singing. art. nature and intimacy were the primary school subjects.


what if we could all speak the truth

without fear of pain or judgement.

what IF

communities cared for each other

what if

old systems died. quickly.

when they no longer supported the whole.

what if

old people were celebrated. honored. listened to. NOT drugged.


what IF

kids (& beyond) were allowed to use their telepathic communication

instead of forcing words.

what if there was no forcing.


what if

the plants were heard. listened to. and the trees!

what if nature had pronouns instead of ‘it’-s

what if each person was celebrated in their OWN path.


what if

all food was real.

all water clean.


what if care was offered no matter what your economic status.

what if everyone had a voice.


what if

lawns existed ONLY in community spaces


what IF

we knew how to listen

to communicate

to connect.


What IF?



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