What I Can Do to Be More Playful

Tales of a Double Virgo Episode #16

+<What I Can Do To Be More Playful>+



i’m taking the lead from Rob Brezsny this week.

in his Free Will Astrology horoscope for Virgo

the homework assignment is….

write an essay titled: What I Can Do To Be More Playful.


ha! he MUST be psychic.

i actually am a very playful person

tho there are times

<some longer than others>


i mean


why is that necessary.

do i forget to laugh?

do i forget that laughter is a NECESSARY NUTRIENT!


below is my essay homework assignment

<thanks Rob!!>

tho i’m not sure that it is really an essay..


~What I can do to be more playFUL~

an essay by dee.


i can wake up and do a handstand

put my clothes on inside out


breathe my morning breath IN to the faces of my family members.

i can poop and not flush.

i can stand naked on my porch sipping tea.

i can ride a unicycle to work holding my little dog in a doggy baby bjorn.

i can tiptoe everywhere i go wearing a tutu and a colorful wig.

i can stand on the corner and blow bubbles.

i can itch my butt in the post office line.

i can show some serious PDA with my man.

i can sing every where i go.

i can play loud music and dance in my kitchen.

i can make all my food look like smiley faces 😀

i can wear bright red lipstick and kiss everyone.

i can hang upside down on the monkey bars.

i can wear a rainbow headband.

i can pretend it’s still Halloween.

i can take a bubble bath.

i can have a pillow fight before bed


read myself a Dr. Suess book.

to name a few….


many of these i HAVE done


the rest

i shall.

just writing this made me feel more playful.

may my play esSAY

inspire your joyful expression of what FUN means to you.


Get Some.

Your body <& every other part of you> will thank you.


me & nuggy

me & nuggy


read what Rob says about YOUR week:












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