what does your scent smell like?

Daily Nugget #142

what does your scent smell like?


not your stink, silly!

<as a mom of 2 hockey kids, i know stink!>


what does your scent smell like?

the one that comes from within

that people react to


are attracted to.

the scent of your purpose

the scent of your light

the scent of the glow from within.



i was walking down an alley yesterday


ALL of the shrubs and trees were in full bloom at the same time!

the scent knocked my of my feet.

i drank it in with all of my senses.

i savored it.


the flower and its scent

is the fullest expression of a plant.

when it gets to shine

to show itself fully to the world

to share its light.


so i got to thinking.

what is my scent?

what do i share with the world?

am i fully bloomed? fully opened?

what does my scent smell like?

how does it make people feel?


ah, the questions.


can you compare yourself to a flower/plant/tree/shrub?

if so

what would it be?


do you feel yourself fully expressing who you really are??


do you feel yourself pinching off the flower before it even has a chance to bloom?



think about it.

really feel in to it.

are you blooming?

are you sharing your scent with the world?

are you afraid to?

if so, why?


there is only one you.

nobody else can be you better.

it’s your time to bloom.

bloom baby bloom!

bloom baby bloom!











here’s a little audio treat for ya.

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