what does the ‘new you’ feel like?

Daily Nugget #147

what does the ‘new you’ feel like?


what do you want it to feel like?
we are upgrading


everyone is

regardless of if you believe it or not.

regardless of if you resist it or not.

it is happening.


what do you want to feel like?

you get to choose

do you know that?

put your order in for your newness


drop in to the place that is REALLY you.


find your super powers.

you know what they are.

tho you may be afraid to put on your cape & fly.


you might not like what you are doing right now.

you might feel like a Total Closet Upgrade is in order.

you might feel like doing things you’ve never done before


dipping back in to things that brought joy once before.


what does the ‘new you’ feel like?

strong? confident? free? joyful? healthy?


can you feel your cells changing?

they are vibrating now

at a different frequency.

aches and pains and sickies abound

as we move out the old version.

will you embrace it?





what a simple word.


do you know many people who can wield it?


how often do you feel your body clenching

your breath shallow

your thoughts kicking your ass?



do you feel the freedom

the go-with-the-flow-ness


being in the NOW.

living in this moment.


what does the ‘new you’ feel like?


like that new outfit

that you liked when you bought it

but now

you’re not sure that it works.


‘oh, i’ll give it a shot. i want it to work.’


then you feel the doubt

wondering if it really does work for you.


how do others see me?

how does it make my body look?

does it express who i really am?


finding the outer expressions

of who we are on the inside

can be tricky.

we may have to try on many things


still not find the thing that feels right.



i’m asking you to be uncomfortable.

i am.

so you’re not alone.


wear that new thing.

move your light thru and out

so that others may gaze upon it


bask in it.


feel comfy feeling UNcomfy.

be awkward.


dip IN to it and swim around.

relax your give-a-fuck-ness


allow yourself to not care.


awkward is awkward

but it’s better when you can just BE in it

with no negative self talk.

fire that voice in your brain.

cause what good does it do for you anyways??!!

and hire a secretary.

one that says,

‘you look amazing!

you are so strong and confident.

i love it when you shine your light. it’s hot.

who cares what so and so says.

you totally freaking rock!’


got it?

be awkward.

fire the voice and hire a secretary.

decide how you WANT to feel.

now go!


look at me! i'm awesome!!

look at me! i’m awesome!!



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