what does listening feel like?

Daily Nugget #141

what does listening feel like?


i heard someone say the other day


listening is more of a brain activity than ear.



interesting, right?


then i thought about my listening skills.

i can hear things that others cannot

<really, they don’t realize that they can :D>


and i wonder how different my listening is.

for as long as i can remember

i have been able to clear my mind of clutter.


for many years

i did not understand why others could not.

maybe its one of my super powers??

makes sense now that i like to guide people OUT of the brain space

and IN to new belief systems.


what does listening feel like?

this was the question at the bottom of the page of my Desire Map Daily Planner today.


check out the Desire Map. it freaking rocks!


so i pondered.

what DOES listening feel like?

for me

when i drop in to deep listening

my body calms


my senses awaken.

it’s like i’m listening with all of my cells.


when i really listen

i feel my energy expand out to touch

whatever i am listening to or for.

i feel myself mingle with it

like a snake’s tongue.

feel it.

feel it.


what does listening feel like?

it feels like plugging in to my surroundings


unplugging from my mind.


if listening IS a brain activity

it feels more like brain receptivity.

clear from storms of doubt. fear. restlessness.

open to possibility




what does listening feel like?

it feels like my ear in a conch shell.

opening my eyes under water.

merging with the earth as i bask in the sun.

sitting quietly with nature busy all around me.


what does it feel like to you?

do you really hear what your life is saying?

what your body is saying?

what your heart is saying?

do you hear the language of nature?

the twinkle of the stars?

the conversation between bees?


what does listening feel like?

deep listening IS a feeling.

deep listening is felt thru-out the entire body



felt in the subtle field around us.

felt in our heart and in our breath.


what does listening feel like?

allow yourself to feel it.

allow yourself to explore it.

allow yourself to sink deeply into the realm of deep listening

and open to the layers of your experience

that you didn’t know existed

until now….


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