What Are You Waiting For?

Tales of a Double Virgo > Episode 5

What Are You Waiting For?


Helloooooo out there!

Welcome to another Tale.

This one encourages you to truly BE who you are!
Supporting the True Self has been the mission of my life so far
tho it has changed forms many times.

Right now
I am having conversations with Authentic peeps

<The Authenticity Project>

I am connecting with people


the people of my people

who live life from the heart, fully and authentically.

~if you ARE one of these people OR know one, I would love to connect~

These are awesome conversations!!!
Main themes so far:
Now is the time! Don’t wait.
2. Connection and connecting is why we are here!
3. Life has better flow when you Trust. Fear is not necessary.

Good stuff. Really good stuff.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you happy
in every corner of your life?
If so, yay!!
If not
do you want to be?

Sounds silly asking it

but can you answer it honestly?


Do you know what limits you>

what holds you back?

Are you willing to see,

to truly see

The Truth


DO something about it?


I hope this Episode inspires you to take action

<no matter how small>

in the direction of your true self.



many blessings <3

I Believe In You.

<fur realz>



ps. What Are You Waiting For?


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