what are we missing??

Daily Nugget #106

what are we missing?

what does it feel like to be whole?

what does it feel like to be whole?


this is a topic i ponder muchly.

it ties in to addiction


(or lack thereof)


basically our entire experience here on earth as humans.


what are we missing?


when we crave something


a way of being,

we are trying to fill something that is empty



but what is it?


maybe we are craving chocolate because

we are deficient in magnesium.


maybe we crave drama

because, as a child, we were ignored?


we are looking for something to:

change how we are feeling.



if i just drink this glass of wine (or whiskey)

i’ll be able to ‘deal’ better with my situation

or my life.

yes it does often help.

but also often causes us to feel like shit the next day.


maybe our desire for ‘substances’

really stems from our lack of ability to

deal with the shit that goes on within?


what if we had better tools?


i’m not claiming to have figured this all out

by any means

but seriously

it has been a life long study

noticing the addictions within myself


in those around me.

some have more of a grip on the addict-ee

than others.



we have all had ‘bad’ or ‘hard’ stuff ย happen to us thru out our lives


certain ‘addictions’

seem to calm the pain

ease the worries


help us from being consumed by our past

but the thing we crave is only a temp fix.


the feeling doesn’t go away.

the need for whatever it is we ‘use’ doesn’t magically disappear

(or dis-sa-spear, how my youngest used to say it ๐Ÿ™‚

until we figure out what we are missing.


sure we can ‘train’ ourselves to not crave

but where does that craving go?

if energy cannot be created OR destroyed


where does it go?

does it get funneled in to another

more ‘acceptable’ vice?


i’m addicted to…


(we all are. tho we don’t recognize it)


shopping. technology. negative self talk. sex. exercise (yep some are ‘addicts’).

drama. being right. power and control. food. negativity. being the party pooper.

you get the idea.

addiction goes well beyond drugs and alcohol and tobacco.


but they all have their roots in:

what are we missing?

why must we fill this place with something?


which shifts my attention to Abundance.


lack thereof.

the state of perceived ‘needing’ something outside of yourself

is a state of lack.


you are basically, on an energetic level,

saying to yourself:

‘i don’t have enough’

this is lack consciousness.


Abundance isn’t just about money.

it’s about: love. joy. creativity. peace. happiness.

in ALL areas of your life. work and relationships.


what if:

Abundance Consciousness is really the absence of addiction,

the absence of lack.


the presence of All That Is


Enough ๐Ÿ™‚


i have recorded a guided meditation

just for you ๐Ÿ™‚

for your evolutionary pleasure.

enjoy and share and practice.


may you all Be Whole.


much love <3


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