what a difference a day makes

Daily Nugget #121

what a difference a day makes

day 1

day 1

day 2

day 2


one day you are bright and shining

the next

you are covered with snow…


we’ve all experienced it.

every day is new.

we have the opportunity to start fresh each day!

we have the opportunity to start fresh each moment

we do!


we don’t have to wait.

start now.

start here.


take a deep breath.

have no fear.

in thru the nose

out thru the mouth.

from the north of your body

right down to the south.


oh dear

my Seuss-ness has apparently appeared

once again, my readers

i have quickly changed gears.


how do you feel?

what are you thinking?

are your emotions bumpy? smooth?

are you dreaming of how?

you will do it, that is.

now you and i are confused.


my goodness

good gracious

my fingers feel bruised.


holy moly

take a breath

and another

and one more.


we made it!
to the next moment

it was hardly the chore

that we thought it would be

cause we think it is hard

to be new and be different

we were SO caught off guard!


keep breathing until you feel yourself shift

you release

you feel better

you relax

it is swift.


so for now

before my Seuss-ness

consumes me completely


i love you

as i whisper so sweetly:

you are new and amazing each every day yes!
i wish you abundance joy health and success!



Dr. Seuss. this post is dedicated to you.

i felt like i was channeling your amazing-ness.

thank you for your inspiration & the best stories ever.



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