we may be experiencing some turbulence


POetry MOnth~




violent or unsteady movement of air or water, or of some other fluid.

conflict. confusion.


*Turbulence is caused when an airplane flies through waves of air that are irregular or violent, which cause the aircraft to bounce around yawing, pitching, or rolling. You can compare turbulence to two oceans meeting.


we are expecting some turbulence

as we continue to cross IN to the irregular

-irregular ALSO meaning: new/different- air.

air- wind- breath- voice-


when you speak your True Voice

the air around you shifts

as others and the ALL

use Theirs

the patterns of Wind/Breath/Air

change course

create NEW courses


the unity of the both

create yet a 3rd- to the infinite.


of course there is turbulence

how could there be NOT-


the reminders to breathe

to ‘Speak Your Truth’

to UNblock the throat

have been prepping Us.


perhaps adding your/our


to the ALL

would REdirect the turbulence

and give us all Wings.


create turbulence








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