walkin’ the line

Daily Nugget #105

walkin’ the line

walkin' the line...

walkin’ the line…


we are ALL walking the line right now.

on one side is:

what everyone thinks you ‘should’ do


what ‘they’ think.

on the other side is:

what you think you ‘should’ do

which is sometimes based on the ‘they’.


in the middle lives what feels right

what your heart says.

the way that honors your deepest truth.


we all know what truth is.

we can feel it in our body.

we may have forgotten


have been ignoring

but it is there.

our bodies don’t lie to us

they are wanting to guide us


give us signals that support our truth.


if everyone learned to be in their truth

to listen to their inner voice

to BE who they are


take actions that respect the light within and all that is

what a place this would be……


i say it all the time

i have seen this place!

it exists as a possible future


it is this glimpse

that keeps me going

moving forward with focused determination

to help you see and recognize YOUR light.

what we can dream up

is beautiful. magnificent. sustainable. nourishing. loving. sharing. peaceful and awesome!!


walking the line can be challenging.

we may fall off


lose our balance


a bird might shit on our head.


keep coming back to center

your line of truth.

your heart

your breath.



you will find that eventually

the line dissolves


you are no longer pulled in this way or that

because there are no more pullers.


all that exists then

is you.

and within you

is me


all that is.


the line is now an ocean or a wide valley

full of life and abundance.

smiles and joyful laughter echoing thru the canyons


your center is strong.

your breath is a game changer


honoring your truth and the truth within others

is the new way of being.


walk the line of YOUR truth

until the line dissolves and become a vast expanse of awesomeness.

look around

others are walking their lines too

send them love and encouragement

you know it’s not easy.


send them love and encouragement


feel it coming back to you.

your love boomerang always returns to you.

the cycle of give and receive.


feel yourself loved and encouraged

as your line dissolves and you step freely

onto the new earth of possibility.


that future DOES exist.

let’s point ourselves in that direction.


for your listening pleasure.

Johnny Cash knows about walkin’ the line……




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