walk of gratitude

Daily Nugget #64

walk of gratitude.


gratitude is one of those overused words.

be grateful

they say.

be grateful.


sometimes those ‘overused’ words of the spiritual realm


intention. manifestation. and gratitude

lose their meaning

or the meaning gets tweeked.


since i’m SUCH a non rule follower,

i don’t like to do anything 


everyone else does.


read ’50 shades of gray’

(i tried actually, but it sucked. i like good writing 🙂


the ice bucket challenge. don’t get me started.


when it comes to gratitude

i don’t like that it is SO overdone.


cause gratitude is beautiful



most days (when i remember to)

as i’m taking my 1st walk of the day

with my doggy

i think about everything i’m grateful for.



i think about the sun. the clouds. the smell of the earth. how my body feels. tea.

berry season. mornings. birds. quiet. ahhh, my awesome Training to BE Free members.

people who don’t judge. my breath. a new pair of shoes. finding the sunglasses i lost.

a fuzzy blanket. a good book! knowing that i chose to be here…..

i can go on for the ENTIRE walk.

makes me feel pretty good.

really good, actually.

focusing on the good things TOTALLY makes me forget the rest.


gratitude creates a feeling in my body that is like

a cross between giggle and joy


a splash of ocean water and dash of sunshine.


that’s how i want gratitude to stay.

i don’t want its overuse to ruin its beauty.

no! i won’t let it.

i will continue to be grateful

to feel grateful


feel the expansion of light within

that it causes.

the expansion of all good things in my life.

the expansion of me.


remember what happens when YOU expand YOUR light outwards?

it bumps in to others.

and you know what happens when YOUR light bumps in to others?

ha! they can’t help but feel it.

yes they will.

and the more we do it

the more others will feel it.

it’s contagious.


do your own walk of gratitude.

see how different YOU feel.

ooh! and your light might bump in to mine!!

that would be cool.



gratitude and light bumping into each other :)

gratitude and light bumping into each other 🙂



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