waiting to upgrade.

Daily Nugget #71

waiting to upgrade.


you know how it feels.

either you are waiting for that new fun device to be born


waiting for your phone contract to refresh.


either way

you are waiting to upgrade.


that’s how i have been feeling about myself

my body

my life.


waiting to upgrade.


i know it’s happening.

i’m sure the new version of me will be great!






connected to all that is.

(ps. this is not to say that my current version is at all sucky)


isn’t this what technology’s true purpose is??

to show us the way to connect to all that is.

show us how to contact anyone. anywhere. anytime.

access information. anywhere (for the most part). anytime.


WE have this ability.

it is starting to awaken.


soon we will not need it (technology)


we will function on our own

as highly connected humans.


we ARE in the age of technology, right?

as it moves forward

so will we.


many are resistant.

unwilling to allow it into their lives.

i get it.

it CAN grab a hold of you

(on many levels)


keep you distracted.


it can also upgrade you

if you allow it.


as with everything

there is a line.

you must find where that is for yourself


your family.



i love it.

i engage with it


i take breaks.


that feels like a healthy relationship.

pick it up


put it down.


just like anything

and everything.



step away.


waiting to upgrade.


my body is feeling clearer now.


more connected.


it takes our bodies the longest to ‘catch up’.


our spiritual selves are the quickest.

the most intuitive




forward moving parts of ourselves.



our emotions.


that’s different from person to person


if i am to generalize

i would say

the emotions come next (or evolve the next fastest)


the mental space.


we are not as quick to react


we are reacting differently than we used to.


our emotions are maturing.

we are not taking things as personally

as we once did.

this is good.



the mental plane.


this one is the toughest.

it seems to be the one that is the most challenging to master

to change

to evolve.

our beliefs are SO freakin tied in to our thoughts.


and they work together to (so often) sabotage our experience.


no se.

it is in the mind that we MUST practice discipline.

because it is here that we can REALLY shape our experience.


training the mind takes practice.

takes time





and it will fur shur try.


start by paying attention.

allow your thoughts to float by


don’t grab on to them.

if one seems to get stuck (& doesn’t feel good)

practice reaching for a thought

that FEELS better.

keep climbing the ladder to better and better feeling thoughts.


if you practice climbing the thought ladder

you can change your life

thru your thoughts.

no, you WILL change your life.


this then will also help change your outdated beliefs.

upgrade your beliefs!!!

know that anything is possible.

that you deserve everything that you seek.


make a commitment to you

right now

to not let your thoughts bully you ever again.

reach for a thought that FEELS better.






waiting to upgrade is more about upgrading our thoughts and beliefs.

follow the model that technology has placed before us.

continue to move forward with what works

with what enhances and improves your life.

YOU have the power to change within.

only YOU can wield your own sword of truth.


always reach for what FEELS better.

and let’s whip this mental plane in to shape.


at that point

our physicalness (since it is the last in the chain)

will effortlessly


to the best version of you possible.

superpowers and all.


let’s not get too hung up in our brains.

let’s keep things in our heart space.

do what feels good.

think about what FEELS good.


this is the upgrade we have ALL been waiting for.

all that is is within

all that is is within






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