Daily Nugget #91




: the amount of money that something is worth

: usefulness or importance

let’s ponder for a moment
what we value.
what we value as an individual
as a culture.
do you value a ‘good deal’?
do you value yourself?
do you value your friends
your situation
your ‘stuff ‘?
what do we value as a culture
who do we value?
what are we ‘worth’?
what is anyone worth?
what is our value?
when you look at those who have the most money in our society
are those who we feel have the most worth?
are those the people that bring the most value to our communities?
if usefulness and importance equal value
are we
and our system
really reflecting that?
my value was questioned recently.
actually it wasn’t even acknowledged
at all.
i was judged
assumptions were made.
never once was my contribution to my community looked at.
in ‘their’ eyes, i had no value.
how can we treat each other this way?
how can we not take in to consideration
what an individual brings to a community or to the planet?
how can we continue to punish valuable people
ones who actually contribute to our collective well being.
how can we continue to ‘value’ those in certain jobs and not in others?
how can a high paying corporate job
be more valuable
than a stay at home mom?
or a healer
or teacher?
why is it that we continue to support a system where ‘value’ is so skewed
so twisted and un-aligned?
i am sick of watching amazing people
get crushed under the weight
of a dis-functional system
that doesn’t value who they are.
thank goodness this too is collapsing.
(see Nugget #90)

we are moving to a system where we are valued for who we are.

did you hear that??!!

We Are Valued!

of course this all starts within.

value who you are.

let’s stand in our power!

stand in our one-ness

our one-ness of light

one-ness of spirit.

let’s start believing in what we can do TOGETHER



in Freedom.

let’s let our value spread

to enhance

our lives and the lives of others.

let’s start supporting those in our community

with REAL worth and value.

the kind of value that goes far beyond dollars.

who is really of value & how do we treat them?

who is really of value & how do we treat them?

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