Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #15



as i dug the fallen tree in my yard….

‘DAMN,’ i said, ‘you look a bit like i feel.’


the tender yet STRONG roots of my beliefs

have never yet been exposed to the light

until now.



to look at them

is a bit shocking.

they feel so big when they are on the inside


under the surface.

they lose their power when brought to the outside.

the dark and scary places aren’t so dark and scary.


the tree in my yard had a few big ol’ pieces of baling twine tanged in its roots.

was that to keep it tighter and more together

so as to not flake off?

-ha! a bit of horse humor-

but true dat!


my roots felt that they needed protected with my life

or else

i would completely fall apart.

but when i saw them in the light

i realized i’d be okay without them.


the roots of our beliefs extend deep in to our lives

anchoring us to a certain way


a person. place or thing.

<huh. beliefs are like a noun>

ha! again.


i can speak lightly today

tho at first sight

i was horrified.

omg! i’m going to die if that changes


if i allow myself to think/feel/do differently.


that tree lived in my yard for 10+ years.

it was never fully healthy

tho it kept growing.

it was knocked over by the weight of an early snowfall.


it slammed in to the side of my house

uprooted at its base.


many trees and parts of trees fell

during that storm

simply giving way

under the weight.


when you think about it

snow is water

water is emotion

emotions can break us


break us thru and out.

the space they leave behind is just that>


we feel lighter. free-er.



i ponder it muchly.

belief shapes us.

molds us.

limits us


sets us free.


who’da thought

that everything

has its foundation

in belief!


be brave enough to challenge yours.

they may put up a fight

but damn,

it’s worth it.

for each belief you shed

you get closer to yourself

closer to the truth


closer to all that is.


judgment fades

acceptance blooms

resistance is a thing of the past


you move thru your days


that all is well


always will be.







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  1. YES. sad for the trees that day, but GLAD for us that we are living freer these days.
    Free to Be You & Me! hehehee! Did you ever get that album as a kid? Marlo Thomas and Friends, just popped into my brain. Glad you are writing. I am 95% freer also in the physical sense bc I just 95% gave up JWG.mmmhmmm. oh yeah, baby.
    we shall see ehat comes of it.
    Reading cool blogs, for one 😉
    creating creating creating for another.

    thank you for sharing
    xo dd

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