unconditional LOVE

Daily Nugget #58

unconditional LOVE.


what does that really mean anyways?

do YOU know?


the Urban Dictionary says:

To love somebody with no conditions or circumstances: to love completely.


…..that type of love which has no bounds and is unchanging.


when i pulled a Goddess Oracle card tonight,

it was Mary Magdalene.

her message of unconditional LOVE is:

‘love yourself, others and every situation – no matter what the outward appearances may be.’


my meaning:

strength in love that doesn’t waver. the love light stays on, regardless of what happens.


it’s beautiful tho not experienced by many.

i feel it most coming from my animals.

pure. constant. radiant.


i feel it for my kids.

this seems to be the most common.

if you don’t love your kids like this, then what the heck is wrong with you.

really, if we don’t feel like this about everyone and everyone, including ourselves,

then what the heck is wrong with us?


pure, beautiful love.

untainted by our issues

our insecurities


our fears.


think about a world with love like this.


it would be freaking amazing.

we would be so much more honest

with ourselves

with others.


we wouldn’t take things personally.

we would give from an entirely different place.


and within this loving place

we would find freedom.


real freedom.


freedom from the judgements, fears and insecurities of our world.


are you ready to start?!

how about NOW!

can you feel it? is it possible within YOU?


start by following the advice of Mary Magdalene.

‘love yourself, others and every situation – NO MATTER what the outward appearances may be.’ (Cap’s are my emphasis)


instead of being quick to judge



freak the f*ck out




be LOVE.

be unconditional.


let’s start rockin some change on this planet.

it does really start with YOU.


i believe in you.


YOU believe in you.

go forth into your life and LOVE!

love like never before.

ready? GO!

heart rock





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