trust in trust

Daily Nugget #215

Trust in Trust!



i was cruising down the thought highway yesterday

and i got rear ended.

right in the back side of my heart.


you are probably wondering what the thought highway is??

it is a place where thoughts. ideas and often inspiration live.

it is a place that i enjoy plugging IN to

in fact

it is where many of the Nuggets come from.

to me

it is a way

to mingle with similar minds.


this particular thought highway

doesn’t contain any bullshit or fear.

all good juicy expansive stuff.

i feel blessed that i know how to get there.


back to the ‘accident’.

i’m walking along

fully plugged in to the highway

when i feel this blast to the back side of my heart.

wow. it HAS been a little tight back there.

feelin’ like i need an adjustment….



i am in 2 thought highways at the same time.

1 part of my thoughts are thinking of the things that

i want to come together


feel a bit impossible.

<nothing is impossible>

the other part of my thoughts

navigate a more elevated highway.

that is when i was rear ended by:

Trust in Trust!!!!!


i realized

that so very often

i put energy in a certain direction


expect results

and i’m Not Fully Trusting

the results to be delivered.



trust is a thing for many of us.

maybe we’ve been burned too many times.

maybe we just don’t even know how to Trust?

either way

i realized i have been doing things a bit wack-ily.

how can you Trust if you don’t?


what it comes down to is:

We Have To Trust to Trust.

how is that possible?!
i don’t freaking know

but i’m learning.

in that moment

of my rear ending

or back heart-ing

i chose to trust that the seemingly impossible

really CAN happen


the only thing that keeps it from happening

is my belief that it CAN’T.



my head is spinning.

i am not who i thought i was….


blowing my candle out

making a wish


pinching it off.


it has thrown me for a loop.

i’m doing loop de loops.

i’m getting dizzy.

i better sit down.


i AM sitting.

maybe it’s nap time.


my inners are in a Vitamix.

i’m out

for now……

i’m going for another drive

down the Thought Highway of Awesomeness.


ps. anything is possible.


maybe the loop de loops will re-arrange my Trust factor.

maybe the loop de loops will re-arrange my Trust factor.





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