Daily Nugget #178



are you in it?

have you been?

remember your last one?

does it feel freaking constant?


transition def:

the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.


that’s pretty much constant in my life.

it’s pretty much constant in your life too

whether you acknowledge it or not.


every day we wake anew


at least with the opportunity

to BE anew.

do you take the opportunity?

do you allow it?


each day

we have the option

to choose a different reaction

to choose a different choice!

will you?

do you?


right now

i am witnessing transition

on a massive scale.

blocked tear ducts

are opening their flood gates.

feelings are surfacing.

we can no longer be complacent.

THIS transition is just too powerful

to let us off the hook

to wallow in denial




THIS transition

is giving us the opportunity

to really BE alive!

to BE the person we truly are!

to live life on purpose.



we are all IN it.

whether we are willing to accept it or not.

whether we like it or not.

why not like it?


LOVE it?!!!!

love that you have an opportunity to change!

ahhhh change.

scares the hell out of you.


how could it, tho?

how can we possibly resist



the one thing that is truly constant?




allow change & transition

to sweep in and feng shui your everything.

the energy is stagnant

and begging for re-alignment.


stagnancy feels poopy.

stuck-ness feels poopy.

both can create their own stickiness

making us feel trapped.


we are not trapped.

only trapped in our minds.


step outside of yourself

look in.

what do you see?

does your body long to be healthy?

does your heart long to be heard?

does your voice long for singing?


step in to your best version of you.

align with your heart.

speak your truth.


welcome and embrace transition

as a fast track to complete wellness.

know that resistance will make it hurt more


denial will eventually be crushed by truth.



be IN it.

BE it.


be Free.


the only way out is thru…..

black and white? or color? it's YOUR choice.

black and white? or color? it’s YOUR choice.




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