today is a good day.

Daily Nugget #65

Today is a Good Day.


17 years ago

i married the love of my life.


wow. 17 years.

so many people search their whole life

for their person.

the one to share life with

to love

to grow with.


your person.


i am grateful that i found mine so early in my life.

we met when i was 20.


we became friends.

besties, really

before we first kissed.


i never would have thought

that friendship is such a great foundation for partnership.


he knew tho.


wow. 17 years.

much has happened.

we have changed so much.

we’ve raised (& continue to raise) two amazing boys.

lots of ups and downs.

birthing our family

our business



there’s no one i’d rather be with.

no one i’d rather cross the river of fire with

stand in my most vulnerable place with

share my life with

open my heart to.


you are my love

my friend

my navigator

my partner in crime.


thank you for staying by my side

no matter what.


you freakin rock


i love you more than you know.

oh, that day.

oh, that day.


17 years later.....

17 years later…..







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