to bend time

Daily Nugget #207

to bend time


or not to bend it

what’s YOUR question?

is it bend-able?

do you believe it is?


how much of you do you own?

how much do others own?


can you expand it?

swim in it?

create it?

do you fight it?

race it?


Do You Know How To Flow With IT?


Time Bending is on my mind.

i think about it all of the time.

i feel like i was dropped from another galaxy

to be a Time Ambassador.


Time Ambassador?


how many of you feel good about your time?

are you over scheduled?

are your kids?


can you take a freaking break?

do you rest?

do you play?

will you?!

what’s important?

what’s really important?



i ask a lot of questions.

without question

no ‘problems’ would be solved.

without questions

no solutions would be found.

without questions

where the Fuck are we?

do we settle for mediocracy?

without questions

is there movement. inspiration. alive-ness?


my world overflows with questions.

i challenge it all.

what is it?

who are you?

who am i?

are you sure?

am i?


to bend time.

ask the question.

is it possible?

do i want it?

will it Free me?

yes x 3.


to bend or not to bend.

are we ready?

i am.

are you hungry for more?

okay then.

check this out:

ready for a mind blow?


to bend time.

to bend us.

our beliefs

our UNtruths

to what works better

feels better.

sounds freaking awesome.


ready to wield it?

ready to wield it?




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