to Be and not to Do, that is the question ?

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #41

to Be and not to Do, that is the question ?


more so

the question is

can we BE without DOing?


it seems fucking impossible sometimes.


i just got back from a family vacation.

so nice to chill and have nothing to DO

until i noticed

my inability to truly and fully chill the F out




we had no plans.

that WAS the plan.

tho i still found myself feeling like i needed to launch OUT

of my chair and go DO.

do what?


that incessant urge to constantly DO

has been hard wired IN to my BEing.




i have moments of BE

tho when dropped in another country

with no DO’s on the list

it took me some time

to sink IN to it.


who made the rule that constant DOing is necessary?

why the hell can i not simply BE?!


with my awareness cranked up


my DO muscles twitching

i focused on my breath.

slowly but surely


i’m not sure if at all totally

i started to BE.


i leaned IN to the rhythm of where i was


continuously reminded myself

that there will be plenty of DOing to be done



upon returning

from many moments of bliss

i am faced with a new life structure

a new lump of clay

to be formed how i want.


what will i do?


the new question is

what do i want to BE?


practice more BEing


dream up what i want to BE.


all is in the BE


when the BE is figured

the DO can support.

the DO without the BE

is a wind up doll with no direction.

the clear BE behind the DO

is a laser.


to BE and not to DO, that is the question?


figure the BE, then the DO comes to support.


the BE must be practiced

leaned IN to

so the DO has purpose.



then sometimes

the DOing IS the BEing.




sit somewhere comfy when you don’t have to be somewhere.


keep breathing.

notice how long you can BE without the urge to DO.

are you thinking about work? house stuff? emails? updating your status?

those unfinished projects? what you have to accomplish yet today? guilt for sitting?

breathe more.



what IF the BEing is all that matters?


just BEin’








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