time stealers

Daily Nugget #189

time stealers


oh time

you are one of my fav subjects to Nugget.

you are always present

tho sometimes outside of the Now.


time stealers.

are you one?

do you know any?


you know those folks

who suck you in to their vortex

often talking your ear off.

they are hard to slip away from.

is it us? or them?

are we inviting them? allowing?


do you slip in to the other isle

at the grocery store

if you hear their voice. ha!

they are everywhere


they steal our time.


time stealers stretch beyond the human plane


into many other realms.


can be one of the greatest of all time stealers.

racing to our phones when we get a notification.

obsessively checking this or that.

getting sucked in to facebook for freaking hours.


if tech isn’t your time stealer

then maybe your thoughts are?

whirling about

pulling you off center

out of this now.

waking you up at night

stealing your sleep.


time stealers.

i like to create time

<it’s one of my superpowers>

so the thought of a time stealer

must be my antithesis.

are we battling to create balance in the universe?

one of us creating?

the other taking away?

does the existence of both of us together

create movement?



time stealers.

be aware of them

in whatever form they come.

notice how you feel in their presence.

they are taking away something very precious.

quite possibly our greatest resource.


will you allow them or it

to suck your minutes away?


will you learn to create time

and create balance

in a world that <for some of us>

can literally suck minutes

faster that the clock ticks them.


do you feel trapped?

are you always racing?

what about the time stealers imbedded

in places we don’t expect?

like: the expectations of others. the expectations we put on ourselves.

our need to fill our days with stuff from beginning to end


filling the days of our children!


why do we feel we must fill the space?

can we not have moments of pure open space?

maybe that reflects our growth as a species?

filling every open space with more selves.


filling time. filling space. filling it with what?

is it something worth filling it with?


just the filling alone

is a time stealer.

we go from one thing to the next. to the next. to the next…..

filling our time with stuff.

we are our own time stealers!


let’s take a breath.

in thru the nose.

out thru the mouth.

close your eyes and imagine that you collect and gather

ALL of that precious time

back IN to your life.


we are a part of a grand experiment.

an experiment within the structure of time.

structures don’t last forever.

are you willing to wield your time?

are you willing to NOT be a prisoner anymore?


a slave?


deep thoughts on a whatever day this is.

this week i’ve slipped in to:


that’s a time bending/creating exercise of its own!


we can never beat time, people.

we can however

wield it AND create it.

you have to be willing to FULLY be in the Now

in each and every Now.

always coming back to the Now

if you stray.

this is the path to creating more time.


within the Now

make commitments.

commit to that time to exercise

or read

or take a bath


go for a walk!

commit to the time you need for you.

time you NEED like a nutrient!


watch time grow and expand

as you commit

to what you really want to do with it


within it.


much love.


steal your time..... only some of you will get this picture :D

steal your time…..
only some of you will get this picture. hehe 😀


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  1. The timing of this nugget could not have been more perfect. I was incredibly frustrated last night because despite having so much available time I feel like there’s never enough. Thanks! I’m going to refer to your nuggets about time when I slip back into this.

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