time racing

Daily Nugget #186

time racing


we think we can win

no way.

time always wins….

some days we try like hell to beat it.


it wins again.


time sometimes feels like a thing

like a someone

always pulling us forward

attempting to seduce us OUT of this now

distracting us

making us feel stressed



you name it.


it is time that does these things


not our jobs

our appointments

our things-we-have-to-pick-up-the-kids-from.


it’s time.


time is the master of distraction.

the what if’s


could’ve’s and should’ve’s.

it thrives on control.

soooo often it wins

it totally controls us

our day

our moment

our life.

always racing it



that we can beat it.


we never will.


the only way to beat time

is to stay in the Now.

Be present.


don’t allow yourself to get pulled

forward OR back.


all that matters is Now.

we’ve heard that for years.

The Power of Now. Be Here Now.

many have taught us


attempted to.


the only way we can really learn it

is to experience reeling ourselves back to the Now

back from the then


the soon.

back from the:

gotta get there


damn. should’ve been there.


reel yourself IN.

be in THIS Now.

the one that is right Now.

always Now-ing

until you get to the next Now.

always this moment

until you get to the next

at the same time staying in this one.


this now and that now

are really the same

if you stay IN it.


get it?

the Now flows from one Now to the Next.

always flowing and unfolding

in a beautifully orchestrated Now

that’s new. exciting.



the Now let’s us know

that if we do not have the life we seek in THIS now

we can certainly have it in another Now.


the Now will always be Now.


flowing from one Now to the Next.

the river of time

is a river of Now-ness.

will you jump in?

swim upstream?

be whisked downstream?


will you float in the eddy of Nowness

awaiting the next now



knowing that the Now holds many juicy treats


surprises for those who ride it.

the Now is always in the right place at the right time.

the Now is always ‘on time’.

the Now has the best timing EVER!


The Now trusts the flow


if you flow with it

you will be carried gracefully

to the next Now


that Now will be waiting for you

with open arms


a cocktail.


it's always Now if you stay IN it.

it’s always Now if you stay IN it.





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