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sooooooo much i am going to share with you in the weeks and months to come.

i do some cosmic channeling or conduit-ing

to bring you, the receivers,

to a higher vibration.

my mission and intention is ALWAYS

to support our evolution, growth and awakening.



check out my recent Nugget about the Peace Injection.

i’m sure you will likey


it freakin works.

yea baby!!

we will get to time bending soon enough……

stay tuned.

Daily Nugget #52
the Peace injection.

dealing with the thought bully?
circular thinking?
or basically anything that lives in the thought world
doesn’t feel good?

i’m working on some stealth tactics.
some good ass tools to tackle that sticky stuff
that likes to linger
pull us OUT of the now.

let’s address each one,
one Nugget at a time.

1. The Thought Bully tactic.

when you hear that familiar voice in your head
(sometimes it takes time and awareness to notice
that the voice you hear is NOT actually yours)
the voice that says:
what are you doing!
you are not doing enough.
oh, you overdid that!
how are you gonna do that?
what the hell are you thinking.
you don’t deserve that.
that will never happen.’

and on and on forever.
making you feel fearful, insecure

i have a great tool for you!
The Peace Injection.

peace really is the way, people.

i see these thought forms (in myself)
existing in ‘cells’
around me in my energy field.

when we constantly give attention
(or feed)
these thought cells,
they grow
and start to draw energy from us.

it takes a LOT of physical energy
to feed and upkeep these growing
thought cells.

i started catching them before they grow
i inject them with peace.

i ‘see’ the cell in my field around me
wanting to grow and suck life from me
i inject the cell with peace.

i load up a big cosmic syringe
release the Peace into the thought cell.


it fills with light.
and the thought no longer has any room to breathe
it is smothered by
overtaken by Peace.

yay! i am SO exciting about this tool!
it is SO effective!!

why did i choose Peace to inject the thought cell with?
i tried Love and some other things
Peace has the most impact.

while you inject
you must take a moment to FEEL the Peace.
my whole being calms
and i smile.
and nothing else matters
i am FULLY in the moment.

the thought is gone.

i feel so much better.

any questions?
i would love to hear feedback!
good luck and practice!!

stay tuned. addiction up next.
ooooh that’s a biggy!

much love.
Dee Elle

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  1. I purchased “Be Well” tea while on vacation in Jackson this week from the Juice shop. I would like to learn more about your teas and possibly get a custom blend but cannot get your website no matter what I try. It keeps sending me to this website with no link to the teas and their ingredients. Can you help or direct me to the right place? Thank you

    1. hi Anne.
      you can’t find it because it’s not there!
      i closed my tea biz & shifted in to Authentically You.
      instead of offering healing in tea form, now i show people that they can access it within.
      check out my offerings. good stuff <3 thanks for connecting.

      i'm glad you are enjoying the Be Well. it was one of my fav's.
      http://www.jhmarketplace.com/ has the last remaining tea online. stock up!

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