there is a newness in the THISness

guiding my me.


the ‘voice’ of guidance

is much closer. louder. & with a sense of humor.

omg. HELL yes.


i remember

when my inner guidance first started coming IN to my conscious awareness.

i would only hear it AFTER the fact.

after the thing.

after after after.


i would remember the teeny. soft voice of guidance.

like the – We Are Here- that Horton hears from the dust speck.

but i wouldn’t hear it till after i heard it-

until i started paying better atención. 


over the years

the dust speck spoke louder

until the voice came from the inside

instead of the distant OUT.


soft spoken

most of the time.

sometimes loud

but always there. gently.



the voice. the guidance.


whatever the fuck it is

actually has a different tone. presence. everything.


it speaks from a place of grander vision.

scanning ALL possibilities.

not only in the light

but looking thru the shadows.

where the answers often live.


what’s on the OTHER side of the shadow

can be the juiciest pathway of and to opening.


lately (ish)

many things i have chosen

didn’t at ALL appear in the spectrum of options

of my former me.



with all (or most) options visible (ish)


eyes on ALL (or most) sides


it is EASIER

to choose

what used to be hard

cuz the feel good-ness

is THAT much clearer.



self doubt just got voted off of the island



now drives the upgraded ship of wonder.


have you noticed a shift in YOUR navigational system?


Can You Hear?






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