then one day, i jumped

Daily Nugget #124

then one day, i jumped

jump, baby!

jump, baby!










i jumped in to the arms of my life

the arms that have been open

wide open

to receive me all along.


but i waited

and i waited

due to fear?




wait no more

i’m jumping.

my only transportation

~a leap of faith~


why i thought i would not be caught?

we are not ‘trained’ to believe in catchers.

why i listened to that training?

well, at least now i don’t.


fear and fear and doubt and doubt

seemed to be the main ingredients sprinkled IN to the making of me.

with beliefs like that

who the hell CAN leap.

with beliefs like that

who would want to.


all of us


has the open arms of the life we seek

waiting to receive us.

waiting to catch us

waiting to encourage us


lead us on.


we must peel back the layers of belief

the layers of the not-true

to see the realness.


it’s amazing how true the not-true can feel?

it ripples IN thru our being and OUT into our life.

the not-true controls us

the not-true is NOT


in any sense of the word.

in fact it’s FALSE.



False Evidence Appearing Real (thanks Gabby).



why, oh why

does it feel so real.

when it is NOT.

because we fear it could be.


fear tactics.

used by many.

including ourselves.


we truly are moving IN to a love-based reality.

fur realz!

this is what this wild ride is all about.

this is why everything feels like it’s in a blender sometimes.

this is why life feels turned upside down.


fear is dissolving.


the powers that depend on it

are starting to freak out.



what YOUR life would be without fear?


would you leave that job?

that marriage?

would you take that trip you’ve always wanted to?

how would YOU leap in to the arms of the life that is waiting for you?



now that feels good, right?!
lean IN to that.

lean in to the feeling of taking the steps you’ve thought about forEVER


LEAP in to the arms of your life.

trust in the catching.

trust in YOU.




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