the wave of memory

Daily Nugget #128

the wave of memory.


ride it

but stay on your surfboard.


most people look back



often think:

‘i should’ve….

if i would’ve…..

i could’ve….’


these thoughts

these regrets


painful reminders of

what we think are our mis-takes or shortcomings

are all part of the process of growing ourselves.


it’s easy to self-judge

in retrospect

but we cannot judge ourselves

for the choices we have made.


yea, things might be different if we chose a different choice

but we can’t linger in those thoughts.

when we dip in to our past

we can easily be re-traumatized.

the circumstance or event can feel like it is happening again

right here and now.

that’s how powerful our emotions are.


some time ago

i made a commitment to myself

to trust that i always do the best that i can

in any given situation.

i keep moving forward


adjusting my choices in the NOW

to what feels good.


this releases the guilt

pain and regret of perceived ‘mis-takes’.

this allows us to expand in the direction

that is in alignment with who we really are.


we have to test the waters to know what we DON’T want.

we must have better clarity about what we do want

in order for it show up in our lives.


let’s practice.

just for today

if you find your thoughts drifting

to another time or place

when the version of you was making a choice

that your current version doesn’t agree with

1. take a breath.

2. know that you were doing the best that you could


3. you are wiser and stronger now. your perspective is expanded.

4. send love to that past version of you. send support.

then come back in to the now knowing that EVERY experience

has shaped you in to the amazing being that you are now.


have a beautiful day.

love yourself.

when the waves of memory pass thru

remember that you are an excellent surfer.


ride the wave & keep on going <3

ride the wave & keep on going <3



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