The Unknown

Daily Nugget #204

The Unknown


to some

The Unknown

feels like the freaking boogie man.

the dark expanse

that lies ahead.

the thing we can’t put a face on


a form to.

it’s just there

waiting for us.


The Unknown.


how do we navigate it?!

how do we understand it?

how do we not fear it?


i’ve always seen pretty much everything

as The Unknown.

understanding that anything can happen

at any time.


maybe The Unknown fear-ers

could benefit from an injection

of Acceptance? or Trust?


why is is scary to NOT know?


in the not knowing

there is possibility




why i am exempt from this fear of The Unknown?

is it because i can see what goes bump in the night?


is it that change excites me?


that i am just comfortable not knowing.


maybe it has something to do with

how much i enjoy learning new things.

not just something i read in an article>

i like learning big things:

a new instrument.

a new language.

a new sport or hobby.

something that requires different ‘muscles’

than the ones i currently use.


The Unknown.


this has been THE hot topic with those around me lately.

maybe it affects planner types and those of us who spend time

outside of this Now?

not really navigating The Moment.


i think about it.

if my whole life came crashing down

what would i do?

i don’t know.

tho i know i would know

if i found myself there.

i trust my intuition

my instincts

and know

that whatever situation i find myself in

will contain with in it

an answer

a direction


a pause.

i will listen.


maybe it means that my Trust muscles are strong?

maybe it means that i believe my life isn’t out to get me?


i trust in my own process and unfolding.


much to ponder

in the area of The Unknown.

do YOU fear it?


what’s the worst that could happen?


can you personify The Unknown


give it a big smiley face?

a big smiley face with open arms and a warm hug?


if you are one of the many

who fear The Unknown

practice changing your relationship to it.

maybe you could be friends instead?

best pals is even cooler.

maybe even Love could enter the relationship.

along with some Trust.


feel better?

practice practice.

The Unknown is only scary

if you allow it to be.


sending you a pinch of the ‘something’

that i have

that helps me Love The Unknown.


Trust your Heart to guide you thru The Unknown.

Trust your Heart to guide you thru The Unknown.



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