the Trust Truck delivers the goods

Daily Nugget #111

the Trust Truck delivers the goods!

what does YOUR Trust Truck look like?

what does YOUR Trust Truck look like?


proof. proof. proof.

our human minds ALWAYS seem to wanna see some proof

BEFORE we believe

BEFORE we trust.



‘i’ll trust in that

as soon as i see that it can happen.’


we have been trained to believe that EVERY day is opposite day.


we must trust BEFORE we see the results.


this may not make sense in your human mind.

yep. i know.

we have not been trained to trust.

in fact

we have been trained to QUESTION everything

except the things that really need our questioning like:

our food supply. GMO’S. vaccinations. our leaders! our government. insurance.

the list is HUGE!

but that a whole other controversial Nugget. ha!


right now

let’s talk about trust, baby

let’s talk about you and your life.


say you want something.

you want it real bad.


an awesome partner to share your life with


fulfilling work


dammit, i just wanna be happy.


let’s now imagine the Trust Truck.

it’s cool. maybe pimped out a little.

super reliable. super efficient. totally bomb proof.


it always delivers.


it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing.

it does matter what YOU are doing



what you are thinking and feeling.


once you put your ‘order’ in the Trust Truck

it’s time to let it go.

no need to stress or doubt.

cause the Trust Truck ALWAYS delivers.

unless, of course,

you cancel your order by BELIEVING ¬†that the truck won’t get to you.


Trust in the delivery.


and another thing….

don’t try to control the outcome,

the route the Trust Truck takes


the exact package that you will receive.


cause that might delay the delivery


it certainly will limit the INFINITE AWESOME POSSIBILITIES

that you COULD experience

if you just chilled the F out


let go of control.


are you with me?

are you getting this?


i’ll break it down.

1. choose what you want. be REALLY clear about what that is. the clearer the better.

that way, your order gets filled swifter.


2. put it on the Trust Truck and let it go.

wave bye!! and FULLY Trust that your order will be delivered



3. tell your brain to shut the F up.

that you don’t believe in its drama anymore.

that you have decided to Trust, dammit.


4. Be Open to Possibility.

when you LET GO of the freaking wheel for one hot second

you will find

that auto pilot is a better driver.



you have passed.

good job.

now go.

create your Trust Truck


pack it with your hearts desires.


Release it into the world.


squeal with dee-light

as your deliveries start showing up.


ps. remember to say Thank you.











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