the thought fist

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #38

the thought fist


i was walking the other day

<imagine that>

with a thought fist

clenching my brain.


it wasn’t until i released the thought

that i realized the tight fist

it had formed.

the thought

had wrapped itself around my entire me

pinching off everything

but itself.



when i released it

<totally by accident>


the birds

the colors

that dog barking a few blocks over

the scent!


when i released the grip of the thought fist

awareness flooded me.

i realized i was walking

it was a beautiful day

an amazing day


i was missing all of it

because of the thought fist.


if this one thought

had SUCH an impact on my BEingness

imagine how we walk around

most of the time!


if we could really drop the thoughts

or at least not allow them to form a fist

i wonder if we would notice

the truth

about all that is.


maybe this thought thing is a fucking trap?


did we ever fall for it

and IN to it.

keeping our minds occupied


over stimulated.

throw in some fear

and bam!
we cut off practically all of our awarenesses

not just of our surroundings

but of ourselves.


those times

that we may be totally consumed

with a fear sprinkled thought fist


we forget to eat. drink water.

heck- we even forget to breathe!


what’s a person to do???!!!

for one

stop consuming a constant diet of bullshit

fear popsicles



bouncing from past to future



pay attention to your body

it knows some shit.

start playing with and recognizing its signals.

think about something that is true—

see how your body feels and reacts.

think about something that is a lie—

see how your body feels and reacts.

your body figures it out WAY before your mind does.


pay attention to any thought fists

that may be

cutting off circulation to your awareness.


*awareness is a game changer*


the part of you

that is really you

wants the very best for you.


self sabotage

is not a high road tactic.

that shit vibrates lower than low.


if you are ready to start seeing the world in a whole new light

be willing to chill the fuck out.

practice flexing your thought fingers

allowing them to be more like seaweed

going with the flow.


we have spent enough time in the clenched





our chill the f out muscles

have atrophied.

give yourself


your body

some delicious attention.

check IN to YOU.

unclench any fists


replace them with hugs <3



unclench and be free!




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