the stuff we see

Daily Nugget #183

the stuff we see


for some of us

our super-sight

is BEing activated.


how many times

have you seen something

and then

talked yourself out of seeing it.

sure that you just ~couldn’t have~



things are creeping in to our peripherals.

dashing past or thru.

sometimes we ‘see’ it

or think we see it

other times

we hear it

or think we hear it.


why do we doubt these things?

why do countless people keep coming to me with these stories?

why are we not allowing ourselves to believe that we are


seeing new and different

layers of our experience


of our world(s).


our perspective

our perception

is getting slippery.

we are seeing other layers of time

other places IN time

even if just for a moment


a flash.


‘nah, i couldn’t have seen that.’



why the hell not?

emerging superpowers

can be very uncomfortable

until we start accepting




why are they uncomfy?

they seem to defy logic


what we thought was logical.

what if

the definition of logic was:

i saw it. felt it. or heard it.

so it is.


it is.


the stuff we see.

out of the corner of our eye.

and sometimes

right in front of us


we still don’t want to believe it.


because believing it

could cause our entire everything to change?

possibility will blast open?

we will activate and ignite?

that doesn’t sound so bad.

in fact

that sounds freaking amazing.


why do we question

what was so clearly there?

on whatever level


with whatever sense you

experienced it.


we are awakening, people.

we really do have superpowers.

it seems that each of us has a particular sense

that chooses to step up.

some of us are see-ers

some hear-ers.



i’m noticing a surge of see-ers right now.

you are seeing despite your brain

your beliefs

your perceived limitations.


why not see!


trust in the see-ing.

allow your eyes to guide you

support you

open the way to you.

open new experiences for you.


and hey

if you bump in to the past me


future me

~in this now~

i’ll say ‘hey. thanks for believing.’





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