The Stress of the LIKE

Hello special people on my ‘special list’!
~Welcome to the birth of my newest creative expression~

Tales Of A Double Virgo

I was in labor for a few weeks with steady contractions.
During this time
I learned a LOT about myself
my strengths AND limitations
what my contribution to ‘the world’ is.

It’s time for ALL of us
-myself included-
to lean IN to our lives
step IN to our fullness
BE exactly who we are
<because no one else can>
start contributing energetically
to the greater good.

I am an activator.
This I know.
I am allowing myself to be ok with that
embrace it
stand withIN it
and say
‘hey, come along with me!’

If you resonate with me and what I’m doing/being
come along for the ride!
Find the community <in the big world>
where you belong
feel safe BEing you.

Tales of a Double Virgo
was born from the Daily Nugget.
There are 218 delicious Nuggets
for you to digest.
What a fab run that was!!
check them out here:

I forget that all things come to an end
and that it is OK to grieve them.
In fact
Please Do!
It’s part of the process
the cycle
the flow.

In and Out
Up and Down
Expansion Contraction
Live Die
Summer Winter

Tales Of A Double Virgo
is a video expression
<see below>
of my newness
so that you can receive your activation
thru many places in your BEing.
Open Wide 😀

I am Super Psyched about this next phase
I am happy you are coming along for the ride.
<unless you are not. and that’s ok too. ha!>

Enjoy: Tales Of A Double Virgo
Take 1

May your day be FULL of sparkles.

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